Mission Statement

The moment you begin to think about whether it is time for change, to discontinue suffering or to eradicate a habit that impacts on your life, is the time that true healing begins. I will assist you on that journey and provide you with a professional service which allows you to be heard, respected and to form a partnership which takes you on the path of great health and mental well-being. I am deeply committed to developing the full potential of every client.


David Johnson Wakefield

I had failed my driving test 5 times in a row and thought i would never pass until i was recommended to sally and she instantly made me feel at ease. Just 3 sessions later and i had the confidence in my ability to retake my test and pass with flying colours. It feels amazing!

G. Osbourne Morley

With over 10 stone to loose i felt a complete failure and became agoraphobic - Sally came to see me at home and I knew this was my chance to embrace the opportunity. The second session I felt good enough to go to her practice and four months on, I am 3 stone lighter and have a new outlook on my life