Are you really ready for change?

Hypnotism is the most practical science of the age. It enters our everyday life and can bring benefits that cannot be acquired through any other medium. Its no longer associated purely with amusement but it plays an active part in the welfare and development of the individual.

Hypnotherapy can break the chains of demoralising and destructive habits and it comforts those experiencing deep sorrow and brings balance to those distracted by the perplexities of life. When you were a small child, most of your functions passed through your subconscious mind, receiving and reacting to suggestions every minute of the day. As soon as you were able to understand words, the people around you made a deep impression on your subconscious mind with every single thing they said about you.

Having almost no means of discrimination, you could not reject any suggestions, good or bad. If you repeatedly heard your parents or siblings say you were stupid or bad, you could not help subconsciously accepting their low estimate of you.

This kind of conditioning affects your whole outlook right through to adulthood. If you had a healthy and positive childhood, this would have built you up to have a confident subconscious attitude. If you were lacking in enough positive suggestions, it is now up to you to give them to yourself. Most adults are not aware of the destructive influence of negative suggestion received during childhood and become handicapped in relationships, work and life in general.

It is important to know that the subconscious mind can accept and act upon positive and creative suggestions just as readily as it does negative and destructive ones.

Maybe you are at that stage where you have simply had enough of living life the way you have for many years and you are now desperate for change. Suggestibility alone does not fully account for a hypnotic response and it is important to note that what is expected tends to be realised and the quality of the relationship which develops between the therapist and the individual seeking change is crucial.

When in a deep trance, clients are more open to ideas and free the subconscious to apply its capacities fully to the problem at hand. Words have power and energy in that they produce ideas in the mind of the listener. The acceptance of these ideas is one of the chief components of hypnosis.

So if you are ready to change, to embrace a new way of thinking and feeling, I will assist you on that journey and provide you with a professional service which allows you to be heard, respected and to form a partnership which takes you on the path of great health and mental well-being. I am deeply committed to developing the full potential of every client.

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